4/24/02 I want to apologize


I want to apologize up front to master carpenters everywhere I know I’m a microwave-friendly, attention-disordered, Wendy’s-ordering immediate-culture-addict, but I simply loathe having to put second coats on anything. And I realize it makes all the difference in the world, and it turns any furniture from a C+ job to an A-minus, but it’s just so boring and it takes too fucking long. Plus, each coat has to dry overnight, and fuck, I might be a different person by the time I see what it looks like.

The same goes for sanding.

We’re blowing through the movie edit right now, and my brain is oatmeal the “modern-day party” sequence is pretty intense, and has all sorts of flow vs. plot issues, as well as four songs to juggle. I’m mindful that it may take ten giant re-edits before anyone understands what’s going on. Fortunately we have the collective moviegoer “party scene” unconscious to draw upon, or else the whole thing would look like we put the script in a Cuisinart with three eggs and a capful of vanilla extract.

The Celextant, April 24, 2002

You know, these drug entries are beginning to sound really solipsistic. OH WELL! The thing I’m noticing lately is mostly eye-dilation stuff, and I’m hoping this drug doesn’t do what Prozac did, which was to effectively make my pupils larger than my head.

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