5/1/02 I read this today:


I read this today: basically, two burglars, unhappy with the contents of a Starbucks safe, went ahead and worked there for a half an hour and pocketed the proceeds. Police say as many as 18 Starbucks patrons were serviced by the crooks before they fled.

Obviously if you do the math, they couldn’t have made more than $100 off the customers, even with a couple of grande lattes and mocha frappucinos thrown in. But what’s more interesting is that the burglars knew enough about the place to keep it running. It’s more evidence of what Andrew Wood at San Jose State calls “omnitopia,” which are workplaces of “ubiquitous, ever-present environments” – we’ve all seen people make the same damn coffee drinks in about 4000 locations all over the country.

I mean, I know where McDonald’s keeps the Hot Mustard sauce at their location on the corner of Sunset and Highland in LA, and on Hwy 90 outside Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. I’ve seen so many tall lattes made over the past five years, I could do it in my sleep. Tessa mentioned that the espresso machine might be a little tough, but maybe the burglars fudged that one. It makes sense that crooks have a home in Omnitopia: find one safe, and you’ve found them all.

On the way to sushi tonight, we ran into Bridget R____, now Bridget L____, except that she isn’t L____ anymore either. It was amazing to see her in this environment, or really, see her at all I think I haven’t laid eyes on her since 1997. She and M__ got divorced, and she’s about to start a photography class up in Montana for the summer. I’ll give her one thing, the girl’s a survivor. I wonder what her marriage was like, but that’s the sort of thing you can never know.

The Celextant, May 1, 2002

I got my prescription filled today to the delightful little health-care-insured tune of $25. It was so much less than expected that I splurged on discount nose-strips. God, the things I find myself saying. Anyway, for those shopping for nose strips, I think you should go ahead and get the Breathe-Right strips, because the other ones feel like a Band-Aid.

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