5/24/02 This was, as Todd


This was, as Todd and I described it at the end, a “manly day.” He installed chicken wire all around the cupola of the barn to keep the birds from turning the place into a scatological aviary dump, and I spent hours scrubbing bird shit off the basketball floor. We mended windows, dragged mattresses across town, finished the floor in the dining room and traded up our dining room table. I was too tired to fully enjoy Salem when he finally showed up (eight hours on the New Jersey Turnpike with a newborn – god, the horror) but by the time we all started playing pool, I was really glad to think of all my old friends gathering together.

Now Sean, Jordana, Salem, Elizabeth, their nanny Bethany, the baby, Sandy and us are here and the hordes show up tomorrow. And we caught another nice sunset tonight – it’s like a great TV show that rarely disappoints.

we look west at 8:21pm; Michelle looks east

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