5/25/02 Tonight things are just


Tonight things are just how I would like it: I am lying in bed, having just turned 35 years old, and my entire house is filled with people. Every room, including the carriage house and parts of the barn, has a human sleeping in it. Only Chopes and I are awake right now.

overhead view of one of the three dinner tables

I haven’t got any big insights for turning 35 just yet, but my senses have been dulled by fatigue, three small snifters of expensive scotch, and the desire just to exist with all of my friends in one place right now. Before we went to bed, the last thing Kendall asked me was “how did you begin all these relationships with people?” Which to me was a much more interesting question than “How do you maintain all these relationships with people?” The answer is the same for both, anyway: I simply put forth a modicum of effort.

Tessa sure looked beautiful while gardening today. And I really pegged her with a football, too (accidentally). She is such a good sport, I tell y’what. I’m quite fond of the girl.

seven toothbrushes lie in wait on the upstairs bathroom sink

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