5/26/02 Not to be overly


Not to be overly hyperbolic or anything, but today was one of my best birthdays ever, and I got to share it with some of my favorite folks in the world. Tessa got me a bike (which I haven’t had in 12 years) and everyone pitched in for a great party. I’m way too exhausted right now to go into details, but suffice to say the farm was really alive with some incredible people. We played sports all day (thwacked golf balls into the fields and then had some intense basketball games) while Rick cut hair all day long.

the collective hair of 15 of my best friends

Tonight we had a banquet in the newly-transformed-into-Valhalla 2nd floor of the barn, complete with candle chandelier, Salem’s tenderloin, and a talent show.

overhead view of the table, about 60 ft. long

People came and go, and I wished Jamie Block had crossed paths with Lindsay, but everyone did amazingly well, given all their other commitments. And my sweet Tessa gave me one of the best, choked-up, sweet engagement toasts in history. I was so blown away, that I forgot to give her one in return. I suppose that is something that needs rectifying, and will plan so accordingly.

Lawrence Lucier lines up 25 of the ~40 guests for proof we did it

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