5/30/02 We’re back up in


We’re back up in Columbia County tonight, which meant a windy post-midnight drive and an exhausted arrival. I just realized that there’s no way in English to say “windy” – when meaning a “road that winds around a lot” – without confusing everybody. Whatever; I’m sure the wind was blowing too.

In my growing fascination with other people’s blogs, I’ve surfed around on various subway lines on nycbloggers and came up with something I’ve known for some time: there are a shitload of knitters out there, and they all keep a diary. I suppose it has something to do with the natural storytelling element of early American quilting bees and klatches and the like, but fuck – those girls sure like to write about knitting. It’s so alien to me that I find it fascinating, and what’s weirder, they’re all single and knitting baby clothes.

I found two blogs, one by Marney and the other by Theresa, and they came up with questions for people to answer on their knitting blogs, so I’m deciding to play along, even though I couldn’t knit so much as a tea cosy if my life depended on it.

1. Where did you attend school as a child, and what do you remember about the playground?

Grant Wood Elementary School in Cedar Rapids, IA. The main thing I remember is that the most popular girl in class led me to a hole in the staircase and told me to look in, and when I did, the boys on the other side blew sawdust into my eye. I went to the nurse and then I was told I was in trouble.

2. Do you remember your favorite activity?

Staring up at the timeline of Presidents of the U.S. during Social Science class, and memorizing them all, something I can still do today (except for Franklin Pierce – I always forget that bastard).

3. What sort of lunch box did you have, and what was in it?

A Peanuts lunchpail with a baloney sandwich in it, and a thermos full of strawberry Quik and glass shards from when it fell off my bike.

4. Describe yourself as an elementary school student.


I dunno, maybe I’m not doing these questions like the knitting girls would have liked.

me trying to lift Sean, circa 1971

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