6/2/02 Even though I have


Even though I have to shrink these pictures down and save them as jpegs at an abysmal quality, I hope you understand how beautiful the Harlem Valley Rail Trail truly is. Tessa (above) and I took some bikes down to Copake and cycled four miles towards Dutchess County. Being on a bike again, after two decades of not really riding, reminded me just how much of my youth was spent on a bicycle growing up in Cedar Rapids, IA. When we were speeding through the valley walls with the sound of endless farmland being mowed, I swear to god I almost pulled the same time travel trick Christopher Reeve used in Somewhere in Time. When I was a kid, the bike meant freedom – from other rotten kids, from school, towards fishing, swimming and Cokes from the service station about two miles away uphill. I pedaled furiously in 100-degree weather to get a Coke, or a Fanta, or grape soda, or any of the other sugar drinks that weren’t allowed at home. Mom and Dad, I blame my Coke habit on you!

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