6/23/02 Today was a very


Today was a very rich day, the kind of day that is best explained through pictures. If you’re on a dialup account, I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to wait the 45 seconds or so for these things to waft onto your computer. And by the way, get a real internet connection! You’re slowing the rest of us down!

Anyway, we went from Columbia County to Boston and home again, and here’s some of the things we saw:

Michelle and Tessa share a laugh after Michelle’s 350-mile trek on the Northeast AIDS ride. The closing ceremony featured the mayor of Boston, a sweeping soundtrack, and of course, a rousing chorus of Erasure

above, the three girls before the ride

below, the three girls after the ride

a woman wearing a Carolina jersey sobs in the arms of her son who had just finished the ride. Their family held a sign that said “Shawnelle, we miss you”

back home, Tessa and I finish our garden at 1:30AM, by the light of the full strawberry moon. Crops planted under the full moon are thought to have mystical properties; we shall see

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