6/26/02 Michelle celebrated her 30th


Michelle celebrated her 30th birthday tonight, making yesterday the last day the Williams kids (at least this generation) will be in their 20s. That’s only a big deal to those of us keeping count of such things, and I’d bet neither Kent or Steve care, having said goodbye to their thirties 3 or 4 years ago. Being in one’s twenties, however, was a pretty big deal to me, as I ended up writing about it in two books, countless magazines, and even wrote a movie whose protagonist is writing his thesis on the “Ten Archetypes of Americans in their 20s.”

All of which is deliciously ironic, since I don’t feel like it was a very good decade in my life. Sure, the beginning was great, being at Carolina and dating as many Pi Phis as I could carry and we had some life-affirming times at both the Purple and Pink Houses

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