7/24/02 I was treated to


I was treated to the opposite ends of the American Cultural Experience today; I spent the day at the Coralville Mall, and the night at an experimental electronic music performance. There was no cross-pollination between these two crowds, but both paid extreme imagination dividends.

First the mall: it’s the same old sad story that every small town will tell you. “The mall moved in and ruined Uncle Pete’s Bait Shop Downtown!” I understand the sadness that accompanies the development of a mega-mall, having seen downtown Chapel Hill gentrified to the point of utter meaninglessness, but you have to understand, I grew up in a mall. I came of age scooping ice cream for disgruntled shoppers at High’s Ice Cream, I first saw “Poltergeist” and “E.T.” at the Military Circle Mall, and my favorite place in all of London whilst growing up besides the London Dungeon

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