7/30/02 One thing about being


One thing about being an “informed customer” is that you price yourself out of any kind of normal interaction with customer service people, or schlubs working retail. For example, I’ve been around computers my whole life, and been attached to one Macintosh or another since my first Mac 512K in 1986. So when I get on the phone with Earthlink technical support, I basically have to give them my curriculum vitae so that they don’t tell me some shit like “check to see if your modem is plugged in, sir.” It bloody well is plugged in, ya bastard!

Today at the decidedly dumbarse-filled Radio Shack in Park Slope was no exception these are dim bulbs who typically must solve the electrical problems of even dimmer bulbs. I’m sure someone comes in daily with a computer mouse, wanting to know “why this footpedal doesn’t work” (true story from my buddies at the IBM Help Desk)

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