8/25/02 I mean, I know


I mean, I know ‘No day is truly wasted’ and all that, but I felt an inalterable sense of time squandered on this, the only day I could work on the Columbia County house until the droves arrive for Labor Day. I drove to Pittsfield, MA on a beautiful but unexpectedly long jaunt up Hwy 7, in order to buy the only lumber available in New England on Sunday: Home Depot, where God wants you to buy cordless sanders on the Sabbath. First off, the map:

is totally wrong. The Home Depot is actually off the map, somewhere in the wilderness to the right. Suffice to say the local girls on Melville Street had no idea what the hell I was talking about (by the way, I know it’s been said before, but rednecks are fucking everywhere).

Anyway, I was buying wood for a little project I’ve got going in the “library” at the farm, a nice bookshelf that could sit on top of Tessa’s pre-war desk. I measured everything to match the other bookshelves, and even pulled out a protractor to get the angles right. But when I finished the damn thing, sometime around midnight, I was horrified to see before me the worst carpentry job I have ever done, worse than some of the things I built with a kiddie hammer in the basement with Sean in 1974. It was so lopsided as to resemble the cartoons of the Crooked Man’s house and cat. The best I can say for this thing is that it is still basically a tetrahedron; I mean, all the angles add up to 360 degrees, I guess.

Today would have been better spent updating the news section of the Pink House website, as there will soon be a shiteload more visitors (thanks to the IFP selection) and that part of the site hasn’t been updated since May. I think that’s snow on the ground outside the window in that picture of the three of us editing.

However, I did find something very important: we need to publicize our movie in any cool way possible, and I discovered the kind of pink highlighting marker that has a removable sticker. It’s the Hi-Liter by Avery and we think it will be a perfectly sneaky way to inject ourselves into the collective unconscious of the festival. Everyone loves highlighters, right?

Backscratchers are pretty cool, too. Or those hats at Flying J Truck Stops that have fake poopy on the brow, and it says “Dang Birds!!!” Hoo-boy! Those hats are pretty darn funny!!!

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