9/27/02 Know what that is?


Know what that is? It’s a teaspoon, natch, the hard-fought mascot of our new movie trailer division. “The Teaspoon Trailer Company” was officially born today with a press release sent out to various and sundry folks in the know. We’d thought of several names for the company: The Pudding Lane Trailer Company (mine), the Superette (Tessa’s), Daisy Trailers (various girls in the office) but Teaspoon came from a bunch of cooking metaphors we’d been working on, and we liked the idea of movie trailers being the distilled essence of a product. The kind of distillation, like vanilla extract, that can only be measured by teaspoon. There’s another reason for “teaspoon” but Tessa wants to keep it a secret.

We put together the website, and it already looks cooler than most dot-coms I’ve worked at, and with greater functionality (the links will work when you click on them, for starters). What’s great about this idea, at least for me, is that it is fairly organic. I like making trailers the same way I like solving a puzzle: how can you take a movie and reduce it to its most intense dramatic, funny or surreal moments? I approach it like a brilliant math problem that is the ultimate combination of algebra and art, and when you’re finished, there’s a real sense of accomplishment. Sure, it’s not a life passion, but we’re really good at it, and we can follow Michael Mastro’s dogma of “get a day job you like.”

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