10/16/02 I have a terrorism


I have a terrorism rant I’m working on, but since my beloved babycakes is getting on a plane tomorrow for California, I’d rather just keep my thoughts and karma as positive as possible. This may sound stupid, but I’ve been trying to make sure she (and my family) take nothing but Jet Blue these days, and not just because they have a cool site that allows you to track your flight:

…but also because I think the Bad Guys will be hard pressed to fuck with an airline called “Jet Blue” for political purposes. For my money, they want the headlines to contain the company that has “United” or “American” in the title.

Of course, that may be what they want me to think. Or maybe I just like the cool mini-TV sets on the backs of each seat, allowing you to watch Emergency Vets on Animal Planet for five hours. Either way, I like Jet Blue, they seem like decent fellas.

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