10/19/02 Perhaps a lot of


Perhaps a lot of negativity has been building up in me, but did it have to build up in my kidney? Halfway up the Taconic Parkway, in the middle of nowhere, I was belted with a horrific kidney stone (which turned out to be two stones) my second episode this year, which is just plain awful. To make matters worse, the emergency room doctor said my X-ray showed another large, calcified stone in the other kidney to go along with the two stones. Nothing like being alone, wracked with pain, travelling, and being filled with fear. Fuck, I thought kidney stones were for fat white guys in their fifties. I’m too young for this shit – I still want to rock, god dammit!

One thing I never want to do again: administer a suppository while driving.

Hey, I don’t make you read this blog, do I?

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