10/21/02 It’s an event Tessa


It’s an event Tessa and I do every year since we started dating (this is our third) and to be honest, I was dreading it a little. The Project ALS Benefit always seems to be an event where I lose sight of Tessa for three hours, and I get stuck talking to another dum-dum in P.R. who got a free ticket from In Style magazine. So you can imagine our surprise and delight when we got to our little table, and we were sitting next to none other than Christopher Reeve. Needless to say, Tessa and I were glued to the table for two hours, talking about politics (he had just come back from Iowa to campaign for Harkin), the oar-dragging of the Christian Right, cooking (his wife Dana now wants my Thai Chicken Satay recipe), and I even got to be ber-dork and wax romantic about Somewhere in Time.

Christopher Reeve chats with Tessa don’t let the screwy colors of the digital camera fool you, he actually looks good

I mentioned that I felt we were at the end of a very dark age in the world, and though the growing pains were going to hurt, it won’t be long until dawn breaks: paralysis will be thought of as quaint as polio, multiple sclerosis will be a distant memory for old geezers. The same with cars; we’ll tell old saws about how we used to drive with gas, and our grandchildren should we be lucky enough to have them

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