11/2/02 It was around 5


It was around 5 in the morning that my fever broke, something that is always such a primal comfort ancient cave dwellers must have known the same feeling, to roll over in their bearskins while everyone is still asleep, let one eye open, and sigh with the relief that they will indeed live to hunt another day. The only thing more impressive than my ability to get every fucking disease coming down the influenza expressway is my body’s ability to heal. I’ve always been a good healer. I always get over things. The only things I don’t get over are emotional issues and I’m throwing all kinds of drugs and therapy at those as well.

Tessa lies beside me right now, struggling to sleep, as she battles the same damned flu I just did. If the incubation period is indeed only 1-4 days for this virus, then she no doubt got it from me on Wednesday, and I no doubt got it from Matthew Kinney, whose water I shared at hoops last Sunday. I really do hope several people including my therapist and the folks at Jessica’s Halloween party

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