11/17/02 Let me tell you


Let me tell you a little something about this stew.

– first attempt at making the stew failed on Friday because we couldn’t get out of New York on time

– second attempt at making the stew failed because the Saturday afternoon “Harry Potter” was sold out

– third attempt successful this Sunday afternoon; Tessa manufactured stew while I staple-gunned insulation to the ceiling of the basement

– Tessa put about 300% too much salt into stew, and then had to travel to Great Barrington, Massachusetts to get more meat to offset it

– still wasn’t enough meat to calm down the salt, so we added more coconut milk

– then added cow milk

– still salty but more just weird, Tessa put in another round of spices: turmeric, chili powder, etc.

– stew put in back of car and driven to New City, NY where Jamie did the new voiceovers for the Pink House movie trailer; stew now so large that Susan remarked that it “would have been served to troops in the Civil War”

– ate half the stew; still tasted a little funny, but was hot and filling

– drove rest of stew back to Brooklyn in sheets of freezing rain; only parking space available was on 6th Ave. and Lincoln

– took turns carrying pot of stew a half mile up the hill (through gusts of ice needles) to our apartment; both of us remarked that it was insanely painful to carry

– at the door of our apartment, Tessa sees me carrying the stew like a Nigerian shopwoman (on my shoulder, because my back had long given out)

– she breaks down into fits of uncontrollable laughter because we had struggled so hard to lug this stew we don’t even like halfway across the country

– stew now sits in our refrigerator, living to torture us another day

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