12/27/02 Day VI of the


Day VI of the Getting’ Yer Sea Legs Back ‘n’ Achin’ fer the Highway Road Trip

Iowa City, IA

This was our last full day in Iowa City for a while, so we made sure and saw a movie (Gangs of New York, which was something of a mess), chatted with Kent and Steve at a downtown fratterie, and played Trivial Pursuit with Sean Patrick and Lucas long after the adults had gone to bed.

This is a life I could get used to, if I never had any aspirations to be a filmmaker, novelist or non-fiction writer the winters are brutally cold, and the miles of flat land can get abjectly depressing, but things are cheap and comforting here. I could play basketball with Sean Patrick any day of the week, haunt the Prairie Lights Bookstore every day, and go to Kent’s electronica feasts at Gabe’s at night. But that’s a fantasy world where Sean Patrick never grows up, a reverie where Tessa could be satisfied out here in the prairie. She is not done with New York yet, and neither am I. Besides, this place is too close to Cedar Rapids for me to ever feel like I hurtled far enough away from the gravitational pull of childhood self-loathing. I think a week or two here every six months is just about perfect.

I could see doing a lot of writing here and having nowhere to go with it. As opposed to New York, which makes writing excruciatingly difficult, but provides a hundred thousand different avenues for its fruition.

Speaking of life fruition, our printer was delivered today, a Lexmark Z22 purchased online at the Mac Warehouse for $29. When I started using Macs back in the neo-Lithic era, I had an Imagewriter II that was $500, printed a half page a minute and was so loud it kept my fraternity awake. This thing, however, is cheaper than most dinners I’ve had, and so far, is totally servicable. We can beat the shit out of it on the road, print as much as we like, and not worry if we accidentally pour a liter of NyQuil down the paper feeder. I realize how Ugly American and wasteful that sounds, but there is something very liberating about electronic stuff that is so delightfully replacable. My grandmother would be astonished (but she’d still make the stupid printer last for ten years).

their shirts are so slimming Sean, Kent and Michelle compare distended bellies

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