1/28/03 Day XXXVIII of the


Day XXXVIII of the Such Huge Projects Hanging By the Thinnest of Threads Road Trip of Rant Preparation

Houston, TX

I know you’re supposed to keep a game face in this business of filmmaking, your cup must runneth over with untethered optimism and you’re never supposed to believe for a second that it isn’t all going to turn out great in the long run. I even hesitate to put such feelings here on the blog, because there may be repercussions down the road if somebody gets an itchy google finger and wants a little dirt. But we’ve been on this road trip for almost a month and half now, and the money attitude in this country is really beginning to piss me off.

We’ve done so well, you know? We shot a movie for $256,000 or thereabouts and the film itself turned out to be a funny, soulful, intelligent, raucous, fantastic joyride. We have a legitimately hot young cast, a murderously good soundtrack, and a demographic most producers would kill for. The sheer magnitude of talent we gathered together for this thing is basically the Manhattan Project for indie film; this group of people is only half of our arsenal:

Early glimpses of the film have been met with more success than we imagined; not only did we get into the IFP Market in September, but we heard second-hand that the only film to watch from that event “was this film called ‘The Pink House’.” The footage we took into Technicolor has been called by those in the business as “the best digital footage they’d ever seen.”

Tessa and I both have track records that aren’t too shabby either hell, she was on the short list for the documentary Oscar

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