2/20/03 Columbia County, NY A semi-heat

2/20/03 Columbia County, NY

A semi-heat wave descended upon New York today (48 degrees!) which turned the state into a diesel-flavored Slurpee. It was not enough to keep me away from Mulberry Street Hoops, although in retrospect, it should have; besides a nice volleyball-style putback and four long-range threes, I played like a teenager taking his first crack at driving his dad’s car.

The problem with playing poorly with this Thursday group is that it disproportionately hurts your chances at getting a pass or two the following week; you are constantly having to prove yourself, and since Back Injury 2000 I have pretty much trod water in the brackish swamp of B-minus basketball.

Perhaps losing a little weight will help, and I’ve sworn to do so before my wedding on August 9. Nothing is more boring than hearing about someone’s weight loss (for some other bloggers, that’s all they talk about) but perhaps mentioning it will thrust it into the cognitive ether, allowing me better access.

I lie tonight in Columbia County, our first time back in two months. The place is a shambles, with walls missing, dirt from the contractors all over the place, and an entire bathroom bereft of things that make it “a bathroom.” I thought most of this would be finished by now. I close tonight by pushing the boat away from the dock, into the sea of sleep, a little demoralized, very tired, and overwhelmed by the number of things one must juggle in order to be a functioning adult.

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