3/1/03 Columbia County, NY Let the

3/1/03 Columbia County, NY

Let the children sing, let hermits burst out of their caves, let the sick rise up, let us all wassail to the heavens and snort Kool-Aid forth from our noses: I have a new digital camera. Thanks to the “used” section of Amazon, I got my hands on an Olympus D-40 camera for half the price of a regular one (which would be way out of my price range). This camera is a beautiful, sexy little strumpet, smaller than my palm, and it has features so advanced that Lars is going to have to teach me what half of them mean.

I managed, however. Today, Tessa and I lifted ourselves to the top of Catamount and the view was mysterious, wintry and druidical. It felt like a solstice, some sort of wiccan celebration that takes place when the earth finds itself in a special revolve. So naturally, I took pictures. And lo, when blown up, you can see our cute little farm, minding its own business within miles of undulating snow.

the view looking north into the Berkshires from Columbia County

(click images for bigger version)

zooming in a bit closer…

…and you see our barn and farm, about two miles away

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