3/24/03 Brooklyn, NY Some people

3/24/03 Brooklyn, NY

Some people only “read” this blog for the pictures, which is fine with me. Words on the internet scarcely make their way into your cerebrum, something I realize even as I rewrite sentences days later to make them more interesting. I doubt you’ve made it this far. I was amazed when one loyal reader asked me if I was a homosexual (because of my “latently gay aging fratboy” comment yesterday) and I had to tell her that being latent is not the same as being actually gay, and that I misuse terms like that all the time.

Lacking a “comments” button at the bottom, it’s often hard to know what – or if – anyone is thinking about the stuff contained herein, and using the email link to the left might seem a little daunting. Sometimes you just want to comment, and not engage a whole dialogue. Since my brother Steve is the web administer for this blog, and he says he hasn’t found any good code for a “comments” section, I’m not sure what to do about that.

So instead, here’s some pictures!

Yeah, so it’s self-indulgent. FYIYCTAJ, as my elder Chi Psis would say. Anyway, these are three shots taken in the exact same place: in New Orleans, on the Mississippi dock just behind the Caf du Monde. The top is 1987, the middle is 1995, and the bottom is 2003. I’m 19, 28 and 35 years old.

First off, my hair is unthinkably moussed in 1987, and homelessly unkempt in 2003. Also, that 2003 shot makes me look bloated and drunk (it’ll have to be re-taken when I look employable). Also worth noting: that area of the river is getting seedier and seedier each time we go; in 1987, Bud and I spent the afternoon on the dock drinking Evan Williams and talking poetry – this last time, there was a whole posse of vagrant punks peeing off the side and discussing killing family members.

Top is Jon, me and Bud in 1986. Bottom is Jon, Bud and me last week. All I can say is that it is good to keep friends for a long, long time.

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