3/25/03 Brooklyn, NY A lot

3/25/03 Brooklyn, NY

A lot of bloggers have a long column on the left side of the screen that lists the other blogs they like (or at least ideologically support). I’m especially thankful to Diane, who put both me and my sister on her list, and I know from the webstats that many of you got here through her consistently-entertaining page. What is strange about these blog lists is how many people actually click on a random one, even if you’re buried among 500 other worthy diarists. For instance, I get lots of hits coming from one of the U.K.’s finest rabblerousers, the intense, charismatic Mike Atherton – and I’m tucked among hundreds.

So, to keep things simple, I’ll list only a few of my favorite online diaries (besides those mentioned above) to keep this great circle of cyberlove spinning.

Driver 8From topics mundane to the magical, minutae to the morbid, Charly Z is always worth checking in on. Particularly interesting was his post on blogging ethics like, in two months, should I go back and fix that last sentence, ending so horribly with a preposition?

Randomly Ever AfterGus had the first blog I ever read, and it continues to be the sentimental favorite. We have weirdly parallel lives he’s from Charlottesville, I’m from Chapel Hill; we both lived in communal houses that became legendary (his here, mine here); both ended up with pretty, formerly-bisexual, strong women that we met in college but kindled romance 10 years later; we live a block from each other in Park Slope, and we both bought small houses upstate near the Hudson. In the ultimate internet irony, I have yet to meet or speak to the dude. Doesn’t matter

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