3/30/03 Chapel Hill, NC Sadly,

3/30/03 Chapel Hill, NC

Sadly, today’s blog will have to be slightly truncated, but then again, I dare any of you to write an impassioned diary after having driven nine solid hours through sleet. There’s something spiritually crushing about seeing snow again after a respite of warm weather, but there’s something altogether torturous about following a winter storm all the way down the east coast. It does something to the backs of your eyes, this kind of driving.

Several pieces of news today that piqued the imagination: first off, my sister is having trouble with her butt. I’ve had the same thing happen to me, or at least a cousin of it, and it’s just wretched. She feels bad about complaining, but she should be reminded that Napoleon changed the course of human history when he was afflicted just before the Battle of Waterloo (do your own research if you don’t believe me).

Secondly: the car’s satellite radio gave forth nine hours of our government well, Donald Rumsfeld and Tommy Franks

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