4/13/03 Columbia County, NY I can

4/13/03 Columbia County, NY

I can do basically anything I set my mind to- except calculus. I really hated that class, and spent most of my 15th year trying really hard to do well, and still I wallowed in the slow-student miasma of barely grasping the basics. I’m amazed I passed that class, because my prep school was definitely not fucking around.

Where was I? Ah yes, I can do basically anything I set my mind to. I was a quick learner of everything from concertinas to cunnilingus, because I paid attention and asked smart questions. The problem now is that I tend to rush things in order to get to the next project, and they end up sloppy. Case in point: this bookshelf I made for Tessa last year. I thought I’d measured everything, but when I put it together, it was an embarrassment to right angles all over the world. It still stands in our library, but you have to lodge a piece of wood behind it oh, and only wear one shoe

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