4/19/03 Columbia County, NY It’s those

4/19/03 Columbia County, NY

It’s those first few days when you can sense the Earth is actually shifting back towards the Sun; Australia and Argentina have had it long enough, and now it’s our turn. There are still these pathetic little strips of snow left on Catamount, but only because there had been sixty inches there a month ago. And since our wedding is going to take place right here, on our farm, in less than four months we did what anyone else would do. We trucked over to the nursery and bought a shitload of petunias.

Michelle, Mom and Tessa gingerly loading

Of course, this time of year can be emotional fool’s gold many have been the unwise early Indian who planted his maize too soon and gat forth naught but brown stubs to show for it. Nay, I shall be patient and wait for the great god Sol to drive his chariot a little nearer.

This being Easter eve you know, the day after the Jews picked Barabus instead of Jesus to be freed

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