4/29/03 Brooklyn, NY I’m going

4/29/03 Brooklyn, NY

I’m going to keep this really short, since I have to get up in four hours to begin our re-shoots for The Pink House, but I just have to ask something.

Rumsfeld announced today that we were withdrawing American forces from Saudi Arabia this year. Let me also admit that I spent most of the year 2002 caught up in an apocalyptic, apoplectic fit that made me move out of Manhattan so I could start sleeping again. September 11 instilled fear in the hearts of Americans so deeply that it only takes a few well-placed stories to get Home Depot to run out of duct tape again, and Bush/Rumsfeld/Ashcroft have committed themselves to a platform of civil liberties so restricted that they have re-written the American constitution so that more dark-skinned people can be held in prisons for longer times without even being charged for anything.

I know the overarching desire for Bin Laden ‘n’ Company was to establish a “caliphate,” or a giant fundamentalist Muslim country stretching across the Middle East. But the immediate purpose of 9/11 was to instill fear into the hearts of Americans, turn our government on its head, fuck our economy, and get our troops away from their holiest sites of Mecca and Medina.

So… I spent a year gulping down Celexa to quell my anxiety. American kids are taught radiation-poisoning drills. The stock market is in a giant shithole. The government has taken away the liberties of normal Americans. And now, we are leaving their holy land.

I mean, if you were in Al Qaeda, couldn’t you claim an extraordinary victory? Didn’t terrorism work?

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