4/30/03 Brooklyn, NY I’m so

4/30/03 Brooklyn, NY

I’m so tired right now that I kept typing 4/41/93 in the space above; however, I should say right off the bat that our pickup shoot for the Pink House movie was just about the most flawless day of shooting the movie has yet seen. Practice makes perfect, I guess, but I could have done without the typhoons, the broken bones, heat waves, rage disorders and sociopathic horses of the last two shoots.

We started at 7:45am with a quick shot of Gil Rogers as Old Man Maddox. Originally, he was called Old Man Kenan in the script, but Todd knew someone in North Carolina with that name (from the Kenan Oil family), so we changed it to Old Man Pritchard based on the name of a slave tombstone at our shooting location. Then Old School came out earlier this year with a character named Dean Pritchard (our Pritchard was also a dean), so I decided to go with “Maddox.” I got the name from a cool Southern guy I knew at CitySearch, and I liked the “mad” quality of it.

Anyway, we felt like the evil Maddox didn’t have enough of a character arc in the movie, so we gave him a quick scene this morning that should round out his character. Suffice to say that the thing he looks at and the thing we make you think he’s looking at

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