5/24/03 Columbia County, NY When

5/24/03 Columbia County, NY

When you choose to be an artist, you are also signing up for a lifelong lesson in delayed gratification. Even stand-up comics hone their craft and sit in despondent sessions of self-loathing before they get the zinging heroin of a live crowd – to say nothing of novelists, sculptors and double-bass players, who, if they get kudos at all, get it heavily filtered through the reflective prisms of newspapers, gossip, and applause meant for someone else.

But not in this blog, where we are going to issue proper credit to an artist who has been creating some of the most beautiful, mostly-unheralded music for fifty years now: my mom. The score she wrote for the Pink House movie is so wonderful, so dead-on and perfect, that I feel a need to broadcast it far and wide, if only to hope the karma reaches back and allows her to quit her current suck-ass day job and do this for real.

If people want to hear some mp3 samples, I’ll find a way to post some snippets here, but for now, we just have to make sure the movie is good enough for the score. Or you’ll just have to wait for the film itself. Either way, it’s amazing to be in the family with an artist like her, especially when her orange sauce for waffles is so damned good as well.

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