6/1/03 Brooklyn, NY If the

6/1/03 Brooklyn, NY

If the life of a film you made can be directly translated to a child you raise, The Pink House just graduated out of middle school and is about to enter the scary world of being a freshman. It has survived most of its acne, knows how to hide boners, and is months away from its first real kiss. I say this because we just finished an output of the actual rough cut, which will be mixed in the sound lab this week, transferred to the right stock, and shipped to our first major festival by the deadline on Friday.

Is it the right movie for the festival? It depends mostly on the number of comedies they will get this year, and if the past five years are any indication, that means “not many” – which could swing in our favo(u)r. That said, there are many movies vying for space that quite simply outspent us by a factor of twenty, allowing them a certain look we couldn’t achieve – but our movie is scrappy, fights for rebounds, and plays excellent defense. It looks expensive, because we did lots of research before shooting (how to use digital video in the best way possible, using a lot of cool tricks) and certain technologies have caught up with us since 2001.

One such technology is our dual-processor 1.42 Ghz Mac G4, which wasn’t available while we were shooting the film, but has now shortened our “render” time from days to hours. Final Cut Pro also went from version 1.25 to version 3 during our journey, which allowed us to do a lot more stuff, and a little piece of software called DV Film Maker gave the video a “film look” that is almost as good as the real thing.

Past that, all you can do is hope your little kid enters Grade 9 with all the right school supplies, a bunch of clothes that won’t inspire ridicule, and a black belt in karate. When I entered 9th grade, I had but one of those things, and it’s not hard to guess which one.

with the leads of the film: me, Omar Scroggins, Pilar Punzano, Matt Dawson, Natane Boudreau, Tessa, Zack Ward and Heather Matarazzo (click for bigger)

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