6/20/03 Columbia County, NY God,

6/20/03 Columbia County, NY

God, you are so fucking stupid. How opaque and dim-witted could you possibly be? I have to admit, I’m confused – are you just so racist that you figure all good brown people are dead brown people, and just leave it at that? How can 43% of you still think Iraq was behind the World Trade Center attacks? Or let me put it differently: how can 60% of you have said that the major reason for war in Iraq was their alleged WMD, but now that we haven’t found any, YOU DON’T CARE?

Has the partially-hydrogenated French fry oil at McDonald’s coated your brain with a gelatinous sheen of fat so impenetrable that no new information can get through? Were you so obsessed with sticking your dick into things during high school that you never even learned where the Middle East was? What kind of moral outrage needs to happen before you wipe the ocean of Count Chocula-flavored milk from your wife-beater T-shirt long enough to question the pabulum oozing out of your 24-hour news station?

George Bush has LIED to you motherfuckers. He told you LIES to get you to fight his war, and now that he – and his band of blood-lusting compatriots – have been found out, YOU DON’T GIVE A SHIT. You make up 4% of the world’s population. Let me tell you something: the other 96% cares about this. A LOT.

Ted Rall writes that Bush should be impeached even if they find a huge cache of WMD, but I disagree. My small group of friends, my family, and I don’t deserve this president, but you absolutely do. You and he are a match made in fucking heaven. Have fun with each other; I’m learning French.

Sucez ma pipe,


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