6/23/03 Brooklyn, NY We had

6/23/03 Brooklyn, NY

We had what will officially be known as The Worst Ride Home From Upstate Ever today; we started with a good old-fashioned heated disagreement at 9:30am, a clunky trip through Hudson to sign our Last Will and Testaments, and then a ride back on the NY State Thruway that could only be described as “blood-curdling tedium.” A bunch of trucks were playing chicken with each other, blocking both lanes for about a hundred miles, stacking traffic at a 40 mph clip. Then we sat on top of the Tappan Zee Bridge – no lie – for 45 minutes doing absolutely nothing.

Once we got over the bridge, the traffic going the opposite direction was at a standstill for about five miles. Then, of course, the BQE blah blah blah whatever. A trip that normally takes us 2 hours ended up taking nine. By the time we got out of the car, I had a migraine so bad that I missed a very fun dinner (by all accounts) at Bistro St. Marks, attended by Tessa, our editor Jessie, and our music supervisor Amy Seidenwurm, who came here all the way from Los Angeles to talk shop. Amy’s one of those treasures: a rare mix of unassuming and talented, combining practicality with a true appreciation for the absurd.

I know I’ve said this before, but marrying a movie to its music has to be one of the hardest tasks in film, especially a comedy, when so much rides on the pacing and emotion of a certain sequence. Throw away your favorite albums when you make a soundtrack – songs may be the perfect complement to your life, but they will destroy your movie. Also, if you’re making an indie film, anything you’ve heard of will be too expensive for you to get. We are vying for this particular XTC song and it will no doubt eat up all our music money, but goddamit boys, some things are worth it.

XTC’s Andy Partridge

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