6/27/03 Columbia County, NY Unbelievable.

6/27/03 Columbia County, NY

Unbelievable. Some relatively good news has splattered into the end of this week, just when I was beginning to mire myself in frosty media isolation: first off, the Supreme Court decided to keep its arse out of ours, and legislated that homosexual activity like oral and anal sex were not the government’s domain (I’d link to all these stories, but others, like Bud, do it so much better). This ruling, of course, was over Justice Asshole Scalia’s dead body, who, in his dissenting opinion, said something to the tune of “now begins the battle for the American heart of morality.” Personally, I’d like to be on the side of everyone having butt sex; people who are fisting, felching and Cleveland Steaming their way across the heartland of America, ‘cuz they’re gonna win out eventually.

In other great news, longtime racist and sexual harasser Strom Thurmond is finally fucking dead at 100. I don’t know what piss, vinegar and Evil Juice kept him alive for so long, but that is one motherfucker who should have been set adrift on an ice floe the day after the Civil Rights Bill was passed in 1964. Instead, he soldiered on, making life miserable for everyone not living in South Carolina. True, he was one of the first people to hire a black person for his senatorial staff, but Strom probably thought he was hiring a driver. He also was Johnny-Come-Lately with stem-cell research, but only when he was close to death himself. Near the end, he was falling asleep on the Senate floor, while aides shouted out his votes for him. Good riddance.

And lastly, MoveOn’s mock online primary got a lot more news coverage than I would have thought. I’ve been involved with those cats ever since they were trying to staunch the madness around the Clinton impeachment, and they are one of the true beacons of hope in this country. Howard Dean got the most votes in their primary – even though I voted for Kucinich, whom I believe to be a much stronger progressive. Either way, I’d vote for any of these guys with both hands and a smile* – I am proudly a spiritual member of the ABBA (Anybody But Bush Again) team, and I also really like the song “Eagle” off the “ABBA: The Movie” soundtrack. I think “Dancing Queen” is boring; you really have to delve into their albums for the best stuff.

*Except Lieberman, whose proselytizing is fuckin’ unbearable

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