6/29/03 Brooklyn, NY Happy Gay

6/29/03 Brooklyn, NY

Happy Gay Pride Weekend, George Bush!

Yes, I know I already used the Gay Pride flag three weeks ago, but I left my camera upstate, which means it’s going to be Retro Week on the blog.

I had to drive to Pittsfield, MA today for another stab at the Home Despot, having run out of wallpaper at about 3am last night. On the way, there was a tremendous line of motorcycles, thousands of them, lining the highway outside Stockbridge. They were all going about 25 mph and every single one of them was smiling. I tried to see if they were Harley Davidsons, but some of them were riding rice rockets, so I have no idea what they were doing.

The Price Chopper in Pittsfield is the biggest goddamn grocery store in New England, probably 2nd in the country to the Super Wal-Mart Grocery in Ft. Worth, TX. You can get lost in this thing, and you can’t see the ceiling. I’m sure it helped “ruin downtown” like all these things do, but at the salad bar, there were tons of hometown seniors, all laughing it up and gossiping about the church dinner.

On the way back to Brooklyn, another hundred motorcyclists were going the opposite way, only this time, their look was more dangerous, more leather. The handlebars were way up high, and they sat back in the bike like a Barcolounger – no doubt this means something to you bikers out there.

And then, upon arriving in the West Village, we found ourselves swimming in men. The last time I saw this many gay men together was at Oz on Bourbon Street in 1995. It was an ocean of wife beater tank tops, closely-shorn heads, striking eyelashes and expensive shoes. The pheromonal buzz was hard to miss, there was a lot of joy, a lot of drinking, and I hope, a lot of anonymous fellatio through glory holes in the back of the Roxy.

So what is today’s moral? Simply that you can’t squash a human being’s desire to congregate with their brethren. Social groups will spring up no matter how hard modern advertising and the American ethos fetishizes the individual. You can destroy a downtown, but the home folks will meet at Wal-Mart instead. You can enact helmet laws and vilify bikers, but they will still gather in gaggles. And you can hate queers with every bone in your body, but they will still congregate in the thousands and go dancing on a Sunday night.

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