7/23/03 Harrisonburg, VA (17 days

7/23/03 Harrisonburg, VA (17 days until wedding)

Jesus. I started the day at Ralph Lauren trying on an excellent tux for my wedding day, but any attempts to get out of town for my bachelor party were flummoxed by an assassination at City Hall that brought traffic in Manhattan to a standstill and closed the bridges.

Sean, Scott and I managed to limp out of New Jersey only to be met by the sput-sput-sputtering of Bessie the Land Rover as she ran out of gas and stopped in a mosquito-infested feeder road outside White Marsh, Maryland. After an hour or so of waiting for AAA, I busted out the basketball and started working on my dribble, while Scott and Sean had a farting contest. ROAD TRIP!!!

The waylay cost us our trip to Chapel Hill, so we redirected the caravan west and now we sit in the Jameson Inn in Harrisonburg, a small hamlet in the mountains of Virginia. The sign said “FREE ENTERNET ACCESS” and they weren’t lyin’! The world is getting better every day!