7/24/03 Jasper, GA (16 days

7/24/03 Jasper, GA (16 days until wedding)

We drove through the gorgeous stretch of the Bleu Ridge Montagnes today, but I was in the back seat drooling in the weird REM-free half-sleep of the frequently jolted. Much to Tessa’s chagrin, I have a strong affinity for truck stops of the “Flying J” variety, so we stopped a few times at places where they probably thought we were faggots.

The bachelor party road trip kicked into high dander when we pulled into the Jasper Family Steakhouse and tore into some chicken-fried steak, creamed corn, and the biggest T-bone steaks I’ve ever seen, all courtesy of Salem. Back at his place, we played air hockey and then spent two hours dunking on his 8-foot basketball goal. ROAD TRIP!!!

at Arby’s, the food is so goddamn hot that even their Oven Mitt Mascot is sweating!

Beware these Corn Nuts – that’s some Corn Gone Wrong!

I want some feng shui… but I’m a dummy! What do I do?!?