Ian is still taking a

Ian is still taking a break from his online journal. I’m his oldest and largest brother, Kent. I know that he was in Pennsylvania with Tessa doing something over the weekend, and he’ll be back soon. Just so you know, I was the one who gave him a copy of XTC’s “English Settlement” which is where the XTC in XTCIAN comes from.

I was at The Wedding, and I must say, it was grand. I got to hang with some of Ian’s friends in person that I’d only read about on http://www.xtcian.com, and they’re a fine bunch of warm human beings. As for Ian being a womanizer, I was in Iowa doing my own thing when his years in the Gen-X wilderness were occuring, so I can’t comment directly on that.

I will say this: He always seemed to me to be too ambivalent about contact with his fellow beings, physical or otherwise, to be a womanizer, and he is still friends with a lot of interesting and attractive women from back in the day. Neither of those personal details describe any womanizer I’ve met. The men of that ilk that I know seem to be blandly attractive, lantern-jawed specimens uncontaminated by a genuine inner life. They give off an animal musk that makes women give up the booty without a second thought.

As anyone who reads xtcian.com should know by now, Ian is so full of inner life that it keeps sloshing out over the rim of his, err, inner-life pitcher, leaving hard-to-eradicate stains on the psychic furniture. As it were.

So this doesn’t become some sort of icky Friendster testimonial I’ll talk about my weekend instead. I took my son Lucas and his friends to see Radiohead at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. Radiohead is Lucas’ first and most virulent musical obsession, and this was his (and my) first time seeing them play live. Perhaps I’ll review the concert in my own journal but suffice it to say, they rocked me like a hurricane.

I took my digital camera, and you can see some photographs here. I do have to share a couple though:

This woman was amazing. The picture doesn’t do justice to her hat, which says “FRITO LAY” on the front, and is topped with a golf-ball-sized pom-pom. This is the sort of hat that would be like the Jumbotron shouting IRONY if worn by an East Village metrosexual. On her it looked as though either she put it on during a Senior Moment, or she’s completely beyond caring what she looks like, into some sort of Zen No-Fashion.

These very nice folks wanted their picture taken at the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan. I took a couple with their camera and one with mine. Then they took one of me:

While this was going on, Lucas was already back in the car, listening to Kid A. His friends didn’t even get out of the van. Apparently Ronald Reagan, who left office during their first year of life, meant very little to them.

This statue has always struck me as kind of scary. He’s in a rumpled suit and has two fingers pressed in the palm of the other hand, as though he’s made two points, and can’t remember what the third one is. The statue has weathered since the last time I was in Dixon IL, and the gipper is starting to look a bit scabrous:

So anyways, hugs and kisses, watch this space for the return of OG XTCIAN soon.