8/27/03 I am back on


I am back on the blog, and the first order of business is to thank my incredible family for doing this while I was away. Everyone should be so blessed to have these people in their lives – one of our greatest qualities (besides impenetrable sarcasm) is that we rally our wagons quicker and with more fusillade than any family I know. I did not set out for this to be a referendum on my youth, my troubled pubescence, or anything concerning my inner dorkitude, but it was affirming to hear them all chime in, especially my mom, who is radder than rhubarb pie. As for Chopin, well, I can only ask him to contribute, and whatever he’s willing to put forth will have to do.

Our honeymoon ended, poetically, with the wedding of our good friends Nell Casey and Jesse Drucker, an event held on top of a mountain outside Milford, PA. There was not only no internet, there wasn’t even a phone. My cell phone worked, but only if I held one foot in the air and pointed towards Ursa Major.

The Judeo-WASP union of these two people was as natural as chemistry allows, and sharing this matrimonial fortnight with Jesse and Nell gave us an Era of Good Feelings. The wedding reception was especially cool – Tessa and I got placed at the “movie business” table, where we talked to Eric Bogosian long into the evening. He told stories about Talk Radio and even Under Siege 2 – having heard his monologues, I thought he’d be intense and vampiric, but he was actually totally chill and funny.

Tessa and Eric enrapt

The next day, he took some of us on a walk to the estate’s waterfalls. With us was Tamara Jenkins, an old pal of Tessa’s who wrote and directed Slums of Beverly Hills, which I loved. She got married this year as well, to Jim Taylor, who was as funny and almost as vivacious as she was. I found out later he wrote both “Election” and “About Schmidt,” but I gotta tellsya, I’ve been around the block a few times, and these folks are as non-Hollywood as it gets. I don’t know how they manage it. Proof that sticking around New York keeps a body honest.

dancing with Tamara Jenkins

Now we are back, and I am exhausted. We hiked up to Bash Bish Falls today with Tessa’s extended family, and I lay on a rock meditating about the intense few months we have had, and the strange possibilities ahead. At least we have Seor Poopy-pants curled up at the foot of our bed to give us perspective.