8/30/03 Okay, so you know


Okay, so you know how 30% of America is obese? Or something like that? I’m going to do my part to Get America Outside by not publishing a blog on Sundays anymore. Rain, shine, sleet or humidity, I’m going to keep make sure you, my beloved readership, gets outside and draws some cardiovascular air 10-12 minutes quicker than you normally would.

No, I’m not implying that you’re obese. I’m not even saying you’re fat. I’m just saying that the internet and the PlayStation 2 can’t be adding years to our life, unless you start taking statin drugs.

Tell you what – you start taking statin drugs, and don’t get any heart disease or Alzheimer’s or anything, and I’ll start writing Sunday blogs again. But remember what they said about Olestra. Actual “fat” was to become a thing of the past, and then those two pesky words – “anal leakage” – took the “Wow” out of Doritos.

If you can stay healthy forever, not get heart-attack’d, not get Alzheimer’s or anything AND NOT HAVE ANY ANAL LEAKAGE, I promise to write Sunday blogs again.

Okay, get outside!