9/24/03 As I was packing


As I was packing up for the trip to Brooklyn, I was carrying my camera and felt compelled to take a picture of myself in the mirror. Yes, it was self-indulgent, but it leads me to Today’s Blog Topic: Support the Home Team!

1. Great Northern Knitters – This is a small company located on the awesome Canadian maritime province known as Prince Edward Island. I don’t know where they get their sheep, or what kind of bender these local knitters are on, but the sweater I’m wearing above traps heat better than the Space Station thermal panels. Tightly woven together by the nicest P.E.Islanders on Queen Street, I highly recommend that you get yourself one of these things for winter. Yes, it’s muggy now, but it won’t be for long. Tessa has an oversize cream-colored pullover that makes her look like Miss October 1975. Yay!

2. The Fleece Circus – While we’re on the subject, one of my best friends Jon is not only an Emmy award-winning sports producer, but he and his wife Lisa have been making some of the best fleece clothing – especially for babies – that you can get in the fine U. S. of America. Their site isn’t totally up yet, but click on the link above to get their information. They gave us a “berber weight” fleece blanket for Christmas that was the kind of thing you fall asleep underneath in about .03 seconds.

3. 1st Rochdale Cooperative – Lord knows I didn’t know about this until I did the research, but you can power your New York City apartment entirely by wind. Just go to the site, fax in your application, and in a month, you start getting bills from them instead of ConEd – and the price is exactly the same. Yes, I’m polluting the fuck out of Brooklyn by using my air conditioners all the time, but at least I’m not using coal, uranium, or Latvian slaves to do it.

4. The Lucretia Jones Mysteries – This is as home team as it gets. Mac Rogers has written a fun-as-hell twist on film noir and the Thin Man movies and put Jordana Davis as the lead detective, with my brother Sean as, well, a variety of insane roles. All three of them play different parts in total tour-de-force reminder of what can be achieved off-Broadway. It’s up for three weekends only at the Gershwin Hotel, and you’ve missed one of the weekends already, so click here for tickets and have fun.

Oh yes, you get a free brownie. I think Jordana makes them, and they are excellent.