9/25/03 They say it’s always


They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, but it’s pretty dark before a storm too. These are strange days in our careers, and while everything looks impenetrably hard and callous, losing hope is not an option.

I was told, when I pitched the script, that it wouldn’t work as a “pitch,” I had to write it. So I wrote it, and then I was told that the script was too weird, and I had to make it. So I made it, and the description of it wasn’t easily pigeonholed, so I was told we had to show it. Then we showed it, got raves from a test screening audience, but still, they say they don’t know how to market it. So it appears that the only way to win is to think of it, pitch it, write it, make it, test it, and then screen it in front of an adoring crowd. Can the planets line up quick enough?

Some people come up with a pitch and say “it’s ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ crossed with ‘2 Fast 2 Furious'” and then a company says “here’s two million dollars.” This is not the path I chose, and now we are in those dark days either before a dawn or a storm.

Is it possible to work on something so hard for four years and have nothing come of it? My sense of fairness, along with my belief in it, does not allow me to contemplate such a scenario. That would be so awful, like a creeping death, a missing child that never comes home.