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We had a small friends ‘n’ family sneak preview of the Pink House movie tonight, and it was the first time any of our friends had seen more than a trailer. My un-Buddhist perfectionism didn’t allow me to watch the film with the crowd; I was tied up in minutiae from the moment it started (is it loud enough? is it too loud? wait, what happened to the phone sounds? am I going to have to re-write the beginning?) and mostly I just prayed we got through the thing without the DV deck exploding.

But as I sit here now, deep into the evening with Tessa long asleep and quite sick by my side, I think the whole thing was received in varying shades of great enthusiasm. Yes, I am fully aware of a few things wrong with the movie and will strive to fix them before we do the serious shopping. But even hardened moviegoers who have sat through hours on end of crappy indie films, folks who are predisposed to loathe, they came up to me and beamed.

Sometimes you have to be happy with the victories you get. Regardless of the film’s future, I spent an evening entertaining some of my favorite people in the world. Half of the original Pink House was there, so was Salem from Jasper, GA and Laurie Williams and Block and my family and so many others who have worked on the movie. And what it came down to was this: they laughed at the “Marmaduke” line. If that is all we get from this, well, it won’t be enough, but bringing 93 minutes of happiness into this world is surprisingly satisfying.