10/15/03 I’ve long been a


I’ve long been a fan of stringing pictures together to create a panorama, but mostly it has just been a hodgepodge of photos taped up to resemble the whole. Images like this one of my room in the Pink House have adorned my walls since I was a wee one dorking out in Iowa.

But with Photoshop, you can actually meld pictures together with some amount of precision. It’s my first effort at a huge file (and I’ve had to size it down by about 90% to fit on the Web) but here is a panoramic view from our hill, taken last week as the leaves were about to go into their peak. Click on the image below unless you’re on a dialup account, in which case click on the image below and then get some laundry done while you’re waiting.

P.S. I threw down the mantle a few days ago, and now my buddy Tod has his own awesome blog!