10/19/03 I have a friend


I have a friend in Texas who spent years struggling with anti-depressants, sleep agents and alcohol to cure her chronic insomnia. She tried Xanax, Ambien, Valium, all the biggies, and nothing was working. Finally, out of what I assume to be frustration, her doctor just said, “Look, just take a Benadryl, fer chrissake.” She did, and now she sleeps like a baby every night.

I have decided to try something similar, as my constant fatigue seems to be a direct result of never quite slipping into that R.E.M. state that supposedly does you a lot of good [by the way, Chris Suellentrop had an excellent article about R.E.M. (the band) on Slate last week]. The weird thing is, I’m a fairly big-boned, moderately tall dude, and it always takes 30% more of a drug to have any effect on me.

But this Benadryl shit is crazy. One pill and it takes two minutes to write the sentence I just here wrote. And I feel like I’m breathing a gentle purple oxygen and little fairies are flying around my halo. I finished my Salon article a few minutes ago, and I’m not sure if the final paragraph is even on-topic.

Speaking of which, we had brunch with Tod’s very excellent and very cute kids this morning. I’d say more, but my thoughts are turning into a swimming pool full of butterscotch pudding.

Max (11) and Felix (6)