I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed


Hello there everybody, and welcome to My Blog 2.0! After two years of the old design, my brother Steve installed Moveable Type on his server, which gives us this nice new font, a “search” function on the left, and yes – all you readers with pissed-off, itchy fingers – a “comments” button so you can tell me how full of shit I am without having to go through the bother of actually emailing me!

Yes, we here at xtcian.com

15 thoughts on “I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed

  1. Alan

    Would it kill ya if the first comment wasn’t a festival of crappery upon your soul? Have fun in PEI. Go to Carrs at Stanley Bridge for the best whosesale raw oysters you’ll ever have. Have a cup of coffee at South Rustico store Saturday morning and listen to them.

  2. tsb

    who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (and women for that matter)? I guess we’re going to find out now. Let the games begin… (and drive safely for God’s sake!)

  3. kent

    Heh, you’ll find that the ones you slave over often are never replied to. I don’t know if that means you’ve done your job so well that you’ve struck people dumb, or if they all lost interest before the end and went to http://www.bangbus.com.

  4. Mac

    Hi, Ian. I’m psyched about the comment function, although I can imagine why you’d be less so. There’s an old post of yours on “Harry Potter” that I had a thought on that I always meant to tell you about and always forgot. Perhaps I’ll use that search funtion and find it now…

  5. Luke Wilson

    Hey, how come you didn’t mention me? Remember when we met and had all that fun? You took a picture, surely you remember…

  6. Oliver

    That’s funny, Ian. You’re reminding me of my own traumatizing and deeply embarrassing personal experience. Back when I was…. Um, hey, could you other people turn away for a moment? I’m telling something to Ian. So like… Hey! You’re peeking! That’s it, forget it. I’m never reading this fricking blog again.

  7. Ian

    Wow, both the Wilson brothers! How cool is that? What’s weird, is that they both SOUND like my brother Sean. That’s… hey, wait a minute…
    Kendall, I don’t know what that means. Something exciting?
    Comments rocque.

  8. the Mom

    Babelfish is wondrous. It can create poetry out of a recipe for meatloaf, and make meatloaf out of poetry.
    You can go back and forth from, say, Spanish to English to French to Italian and back to English, and the result is instant James Joyce.


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