The Northeast Corridor & Me: A Tale of Betrayal

10/22/03 Portland, ME

I started the trip up to Prince Edward Island (that’s in Canada, my fellow Americans) today, but not before a sojourn at the Park Slope Food Coop, which happens to be the largest food cooperative in the United States (no, I didn’t know that either). The orientation could have taken fifteen minutes, but wound up taking two hours, but then again, I’m sort of an efficiency expert when it comes to disseminating information.

Anyway, the Co-op is kind of amazing – they ask you to work there for 2 3/4 hours every four weeks, and in return, you get to buy food at minimal prices that hasn’t been dipped in the blood of Balinese slaves by The Man. I can tell, from some interaction with the staff, that I will be barked at. I am going to just have to deal with that. My initial reaction to being barked at is to upturn a table, piss on the furniture, tell everyone to go fuck themselves, and then go write a tortured opera. I will probably not have that option at the nation’s largest food co-op.

The drive up through New England began to get very nasty, even though the peak colors have wended their way down the Hudson Valley. Nothing is more boring than the pictures taken out of the windows of moving cars – except, perhaps, the pictures on knitting blogs – but this fall has been rather exceptional.


By the time I got to Columbia County, it was snowing horizontally, and I had to unload Michelle’s crap into the barn. I thought it would be a nightmare, but it felt good to move around a little, especially since my body had been aching from my worst night of basketball in ten years. My hoops game was so bad that it ceased to be funny even to Lindsay, who enjoys my off-nights more than he enjoys most Broadway plays. In short, I set my self-esteem, my place in the world, indeed, the game of basketball itself back in time.

2ndSnowColumbia County03(bl).jpg

that’s snow falling in front of the barn lights

Who knows how severe this winter will be? I do recall, in my annals of blogdom, that the first snow last year was on November 2nd. This was the second snow of the year up here, and it’s only October 21. Wait, do you know what’s more boring than pictures of knitting? Blogging about the weather!

So that’s the report from Portland, Maine, one of my favorite towns I’ll never live in. Maine sends its regards, and wants to know why New Hampshire is such an asshole. It also wants to know why West Virginia is shaped so funny. It also expressed a secret crush on Louisiana, but I told it to stick to the Carolina sisters, who are much more its style.

0 thoughts on “The Northeast Corridor & Me: A Tale of Betrayal

  1. gthacker

    What? yesterday was so wonderful that everyone wanted to comment and today (“Bueller?, Bueller?”) — nothing.
    You know whats more boring than blogs about weather? Comments in blogs about weather!
    Enjoy PEI!
    It just occurred to me, since Michelle and Sean don’t have comment functions on their blogs (yet) can we hijack your comments section to encourage them, wish them well and occassionally tell Sean he’s dead-ass wrong?

  2. Ian

    Oh, I encourage anyone to use this space to tell any member of my family how dead-ass wrong they are. Of course, then you have to deal with their revenge, but that can be fun too.

  3. AP

    In Vermont we wonder why it’s so windy. An old Chuck once told me it’s ’cause New Hampshire sucks and New York blows.

  4. George Glamack

    That’s not true, I enjoy your “off-nights” more than /any/ play, Broadway or not. And I enjoy the cursing and the stompy-shouty that go with them more than any other form of entertainment yet devised.
    Sorry for the slow response. I’m not exactly up-to-date with ye blog.


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