“Steve, Sub,” Says Sundered Scribe

In a scratchy voicemail from Prince Edward Island, Ian asks me to “blog on whatever you want.” He is, again, suffering without internet access at the Zap Your Pram think-in.

Ian wrote yesterday that Tessa wishes I were there, and indeed I was aware of it from another blogger in attendance. (I was tempted to write that I knew of it through "my friend, Dave Winer," but then I remembered that I’ve never met Winer—I’ve only followed his life and work in detail through his blog for a couple of years.)

Surplus Dell Optiplex GX1I received Ian’s message on the road back from Napa Valley, where we met Michelle for dinner at the end of her first week on the new job. She gave us several bottles of wine already half-consumed by tourists who, she told us, dropped $50,000 in a single day at Duckhorn Vineyards. She currently explains the more pedestrian vintages to hoi polloi in the tasting room, but says soon she will be uncorking the more pricey varieties for more discerning clientele in the Estate Room.

Michelle says her ‘puter’s dead. I suppose that’s to even out the computing universe, since I just resurrected an old Dell as my second server, a $40 Optiplex GX1 from Halted Specialties, one of the Bay Areas great little surplus stores. Ah, the seeming limitless promise of a new FreeBSD server!

0 thoughts on ““Steve, Sub,” Says Sundered Scribe

  1. Sean

    From now on, I would like there to be a heavily alliterative or at least punny title to these blogs. That was just lovely.
    Also, I’m writing on a computer that’s slightly older than the one that just died on Michelle, and mine’s fine, except that since Ian installed 9.2, I’ve had to use an exterior mouse.


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