Itinerant Ian Detained in Maine

Ian promises the whole story tomorrow. How innocent foot powder and mislabeled pain meds combined with a little homeland security to delay his reentry to the U.S. by eight hours or so.

He called from "the top of Maine," sounding tired and resigned. The Caller ID was his cell phone’s, but it sounded like the fringes of some rural analog coverage. And, of course, again no internet connection.

'82 Diesel Rabbit So you’ll have to suffer through another boring account of my boring day. I visited Donsco, one of many local shops which cater to classic VW drivers like me. My quest: to order a carpet kit for my latest acquisition, an ’82 Diesel Rabbit. I got it last month from the original owner for $600. With only 120,000 miles on it, it’s still going strong. And get this: 50 mpg, baby! But the interior was too disgusting for words, so I’m gradually buying bits and pieces to make it livable. Last week I got a pair of sport seats from an ’84 Rabbit GTi. Oh, and I stopped by the Mountain View Maaco shop, who said for $499 they’ll paint it orange to match the plane!

My FreeBSD adventures continue. Today I failed again to get running a pair of Sun Enterprise Server 250s that I happened across. It’s hard to know what they’re worth or whether they’re more powerful than an old Celeron desktop computer, but now that FreeBSD 5.1 runs on Sparc, who can resist?

My new Optiplex is doing fine, too. Today it got its whole source tree updated, a customized kernel built, and all of the software updated. I hope soon it’ll be doing something useful, but you can visit it today!

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  1. Alan

    Very sweet car. Buddy had one in the late 90’s second hand that we bombed around south west NS.
    I miss my 74 Superbeetle sometimes late at night. Is that wrong?


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