Depth: half-fathom



Yesterday, a stunning heat spell settled over the Berkshires, making for an Indian Summer day that was not going to be missed by yours truly, nor my dog truly. When it’s this late in the season, and you can sit atop a hill wearing nothing but shorts and a T-shirt, you truly feel blessed. It was almost foreign, a little naughty, the weird sense of adventure and nervousness that accompanies a fake sickness from school.

I went for a run into the depths of Columbia County and got about two miles out when I remembered I hadn’t eaten anything since the day before. Does anyone remember those Bill Cosby PSAs with a group of kids that were shown on Saturday mornings, the ones about eating your breakfast, or you “blam! run out of gas!” That’s what I experienced, and it sucqued. I’m not a very good runner. I think I have bad form.

Anyway, due to this year’s unmitigating rains

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